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Women Holding Hands

Business Condidence


The SBA and the Strategic Partnership Initiative West Coast Energy Fund are pleased to offer all membership the opportunity to participate in this valuable course exploring local business opportunities in the Clean Energy Sector that can be started without a lot of previous experience, and participants will learn the confidence skills needed to be gainfully self-employed while going after what they want in life.


Whether you are an existing entrepreneur or working for someone else this workshop will help you become more empowered each day as you work towards the attainment of your goals.

Saturday April 7th, 10am-4:30pm

Spaces are limited so register ASAP! Contact Alena McInroy at or call              (604)824-5276

Women Holding Hands

Train-the-Trainor Workshop


A workshop for program managers & administrators. All SBA Members are welcome to join. 

Take-aways are:

  • Learn how people are wired to get their needs met and what motivates them

  • Understand the core principals of marketing and sales

  • Gain knowledge on how fear holds people back and how to help them overcome it

  • Learn from other First Nation communities who are successfully engaging their membership 

  • Develop communication systems and automate processes with tools and technology

  • Generate measurement, milestones and metrics to gauge your efforts so that you can fine-tune as you go

Monday May 14th, 10:00-4:30pm

Limited seats. Get in touch with Alena to RSVP. Coffee and light lunch provided.


Foundations of Social Media and Marketing 

Saturday, November 24, 2018


$35 Members

$25 Students

$45 Non-Members


Are you contemplating starting a business? Are you an experienced business owner who is looking to

give your business a boost to the next level? Are you looking for a more effective way of appealing to a

wider market?


PRIME’s Social Media and Marketing program provides the skills, knowledge and attitudes that will assist you in marketing yourself and your business.


You will:

• create a personal profile across social media sites

• create a marketing campaign


PRIME’S Foundations of Social Media and Marketing program is noted for its high energy, interactive

and relevant activities. Over the day, you will engage in conversation, pair sharing and presentations through which you will examine your attitudes, abilities and potential regarding social media. During the course of the day, you will build a marketing strategy for your business. You will have a tangible plan to begin the phase of your business.

Bid and Tender Training 1.png

Bid & Tender Training 

he majority of contracts are negotiated by competitive bidding/contracting procedures. Participants will learn how to effectively review tender documentation and check for full appreciation of requirements. This course will cover the key aspects of technical bidding and tendering in project management. It will enable participants to deliver more effective bids and negotiate better contracts. By the end of the final day participants should be able to create a bid for submission to a client and be able to present the key points from the bid in a formal environment.

March 19th
9 AM - 11 AM
March 23rd
10 AM - 12 PM


Registration is required and space is limited. To register please contact Alena McInroy at 604.824.5276 or by email at

Facilitated by Mary-Ann Jones-Siebert with 30 years experience. 

Copy of project management previews (1).

Project Management 

Project Management is the most important business skill an Indigenous Entrepreneur or Business can possess.  It allows you to maximize efficiencies, manage timelines, resources, and budgets! This program is sure to help you in all aspects of your business!

Learn how to develop, plan, implement, monitor and control projects of all scales.

*hours accumulated in class count towards PMP certification. Class certificate will be issued after the program. Pay $200 for an exclusive 4th day.

A continental breakfast and lunch is included.

March 20th, 21st & 22nd, 2019
9:00AM - 4:00PM
Health & Administration building
Register by May 17th

To register please contact Alena McInroy at 604.824.5276 or by email at

Facilitated by Alanna Falys of Primetuitive Education Inc.


Train the Trainer

PRIMEtuitive Train The Trainer ~ Facilitation (T3)

It is known that when learners are emotionally and mentally engaged, retention is increased by 66%! This results in increased performance, skill development and employee engagement.

PRIMEtuitive’s Train the Trainer program encapsulates the most innovative, cutting edge and impactful adult education theory, skills and application processes. Designed for anyone who delivers training, workshops, presentations and meetings- this program focuses on the importance of understanding how adults learn, how they retain information and knowledge and most importantly, how they apply their new found skills. During this program, all participants will be immersed in an interactive, engaging and practical course that is guaranteed to transform and augment how you approach learning within your organizations. Focused on brain-based learning, essential principles of andragogy (adult learning), and quantifying transference of knowledge- our program is the highest level of facilitation training you can receive. This 5-day learning experience will include hands on and interactive activities, exploration of different facilitation styles and techniques, understanding the impact of training and development within your business and most importantly, how to get the most out of your learning experience.

Our team has worked for over a decade to train and develop facilitators, public speakers, managers, and leaders who perform training tasks in their profession. If this is an area of development that you want to master- come and join us!

July 15th - 19th, 2019


$1000 SBA Members

$1500 Non-Members


A002 effective supervisor skills (1) (1)




We’ve all experienced what it’s like to be supervised. Some of us have had positive experiences while others… have been far from that. Ideally, we’d all like to be treated the way we treat others. This course will assist you in learning how to do so in all situations, including those where confrontation is needed.


We’ll provide you with the necessary tools to speak into the lives and work ethic of your crew and teach you the fundamentals of human resource management. You’ll also learn how to create and maintain positive employee labour relations.


PRIME Learning Objectives and Outcomes:

    • Develop a better understanding of a supervisor’s roles and responsibilities

    • Learn how to run productive meetings and make decisions that are for the greater good of all involved

    • Understand how to effectively motivate others Effectively communicate with others in order to achieve the desired goals



Program facilitated by

Primetuitive Education Inc.

January 20th-24th, 2020 

2895 Chowat Rd, Agassiz


For SBA Members and invites only
To register please contact
Alena at 604.378.0555 or
or contact Brian at
604.796.6843 or
Light breakfast and lunch included

C003 managing team diversity (2).png

Managing Team Diversity 

Leaders lead people. But given the diverse personalities, skills sets, and disciplines people have, a leader has a difficult task in leading a team to achieve its goals. Thus the skill of supervision becomes essential for a leader to effectively guide a team.

Everyone thinks; it is our nature to do so. But much of our thinking, left to itself, is biased, distorted, partial, uninformed, or downright prejudiced. If we want to think well, we must understand at least the rudiments of thought, the most basic structures that compose our thinking. We must learn how to take thinking apart. View the complete details by clicking the link below.

March 9th - 13th, 2020

2895 Chowat Rd, Agassiz


For SBA Members and invites only
To register please contact
Alena at 604.378.0555 or
or contact Brian at
604.796.6843 or
Light breakfast and lunch included

Join us in making a real difference in Indigenous economy!


Education & Outreach

Making a Difference

Stó:lō Community Futures offers business counseling, and business loans for small to medium-sized Indigenous businesses that are either just starting out, need to expand or are maintaining their business. SCF works collaboratively with the 24 Stó:lō Nation communities within the Stó:lō Traditional Territory on initiatives to improve community economic development.

Our Business Services include: Business Loans; Business Resources; Training and Workshops; After-Care.


In Partnership with the SBA

SBA Partnership

The SBA has partnered with Small Business BC to provide Members with beneficial educational webinars at the discounted rate of 15%.


The Small Business BC’s Strategic Mandate:

1. To provide entrepreneurs with products and services that will assist their successful entry into small business ventures.

2. To provide small businesses at every stage of development with products, services, and support that;

  • Assist in development and growth

  • Improve productivity

  • Increase profitability

  • Enable businesses to take advantage of new opportunities


*Webinars can be watched for up to 7 days after they are released.


Contact Alena for the Promo Code at (604)824-5276 or

***Coupons are available to get your 1st webinar for free!

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