A Bit About Us

The Stó:lō Business Association is membership based organization, driven by Indigenous businesses and entrepreneurs, and is the voice for Indigenous businesses in the Stó:lō Territory.

The Stó:lō Business Association will promote Indigenous business growth, and advocates and supports Indigenous businesses through networking, communications, Member Benefits,  educational programs and resources.

You are eligible to join as a member if your business is 51% Indigenous owned and controlled, and operates within the Stó:lō Traditional Territory.  


 Please contact Alena Goodman-Bear

at (604)378-0555 for more information sbavoice@gmail.com

Chairty Drive

About the Logo

  • The color yellow/gold represents the visionary, enlightenment on the medicine wheel, and signifies fertility, growth and prosperity as represented on the Métis sash.

  • Five business people hold hands around a business table signifies co-operation, and in the center is the sun, representing brightness and hope throughout our journey.

  • In the middle is a stylized canoe symbolizing trade.

  • In front of the canoe is one Indigenous paddle (pointed tip on the blade), sharing the journey with a trader paddle (with a wide rounded tip).   

  • In order to achieve our goals and reach our destination, both paddles must work together in unison to move the canoe forward.

About the Artist - Bonny Graham

The Stó:lō Business Association Logo was created by Bonny Graham, a Canadian Salish Aboriginal Artist.